Operations Systems Specialist

Virginia Department of Transportation

Posting expires: May 14, 2024

Systems Oversight: Leads, directs and manages the planning, design and implementation of mission critical systems that support VDOT’s Statewide Operations Program. While additional systems and applications may emerge from time to time, these systems and applications currently include the Statewide Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS). Coordinates and works extensively with Traffic Operation Centers (TOCs), ATMS contractors, and District VDOT representatives regarding the implementation, operation, and maintenance of ATMS software platforms at VDOT’s TOCs.

System Integration: Support the development and management of agreements and memorandums with localities and third parties necessary to integrate systems and implement detour routes for incidents and events, as necessary. Assist with the coordination of transportation systems operations with localities in order to optimize and manage transportation across jurisdictional boundaries. Support the development and maintenance of system-to-system interfaces and ensure statewide consistency and cybersecurity compliance. Provide timely completion and maintenance of risk assessments, security plans, disaster recovery plans, etc. Prepare and maintain continuity of operations plans for critical operations systems.

Configuration Management: Coordinates, manages and participates in Configuration Management activities for key Statewide ITS and Operations systems. Engages peers and develops a customer-focused approach for participation and solicits input from key Central Office and Regional staff for each operational system. Compiles prospective systems development activities based on stakeholder input. Develops work plans for key operations systems that address business requirements, funding, scheduling, and human resources. Presents work plans to Executive Management and obtains management concurrence and approvals.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Knowledge of ITS technologies, ITS Systems Development, and ITS Communications Infrastructure
  • Abilities in ITS deployment and ITS integration requirements as related to TOCs
  • Knowledge of contract management techniques
  • Knowledge of relevant federal and state regulations
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, manage multiple assignments and a diverse workforce
  • Knowledge of strategic planning and policy development

Additional Considerations

  • Experience in operations and project management, planning and managing large scale programs
  • Experience scoping projects, negotiating resources and leading teams
  • Experience in systems integration, design, development, evaluation, and testing of complex networks and instrumentation
  • A combination of training, experience or education in Civil, Transportation, Electrical or Systems Engineering; or related field desired
  • Experience with transportation operations software and technologies such as advanced traffic management systems (ATMS), central signal systems (CSS) and ramp metering
  • Experience with VITA contracting procedures
  • Knowledge of transportation management software applications
  • Knowledge of roadside traffic management technologies
  • Knowledge of data and interface standards in the traffic management, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and traveler information industries