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VASITE committees are unelected volunteer positions. If you have questions, Contact Us.

If you are interested in serving a committee, please fill out this form:

  • Website Manager Committee
    Vacant, looking for 2-3 volunteers
    VASITE is currently transitioning their website to a new platform. The website committee will help with the transition. For more information on the webmaster committee, see this flyer that was distributed during the 2022 Annual Meeting.
  • Newsletter/Communications
    Vacant, looking for 1-2 volunteers
    This member would put together bi-monthly/quarterly updates to members through an online newsletter as well as help advertise upcoming events. This position is currently undergoing updates so there is an opportunity to provide additional creativity and work with our Social Media Rep to ensure consistent messaging. Typical newsletter topics contain the following:
    • President’s Message
    • National, District, and Section ITE Updates
    • Upcoming Events and Summary of Completed Events
    • Call for Sponsorship (only needed once a year) 
    • Meet-A-Member/New Member Highlights
  • Social Media Committee (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn)
    Currently held by Craig Schneider, looking for 1-2 volunteers. This member or members would assist the District Reps in advertising events as well as planning posts related to VASITE/ITE while providing a consistent message to our members. VASITE has a Facebook site and Twitter Account, but we are looking to link platforms together as well as starting a LinkedIn page in order to provide more coverage to members. 
  • Regional Programs
    Provide technical and nontechnical events/activities for members to participate in. These events can range from a group happy hour or trivia night to virtual technical session or in-person event. Reps are based throughout the state to provide coverage for all members. Note you can always reach out to these member reps and assist in putting on an event if you would like to start being engaged in the position.
    • Hampton Roads: John Hendrickson and Susan Mathai
    • NOVA: Noelle Rauer and Craig Schneider
    • Richmond: Mark Herman
    • Southwest/Fredericksburg: Vacant

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