Become a sponsor

Thank you for your continued support for VASITE! Expand the box above to see what is available with each conference sponsorship, and then add your desired sponsorship to you cart below.

2024 Price$200$400$800
Logo, link, and info on sponsors page☑️☑️☑️
Logo on home page and sidebar☑️
Student scholarship fund ($100 donation)☑️
Job postings5 per year☑️Unlimited ☑️
Promotion on VASITE social media☑️
Logo at annual meeting (signage, slideshow)StandardEnhancedSignificant
Verbal recognition at all meetings☑️☑️☑️
Annual Meeting Sponsorships*
Wednesday Opening Reception (2 available)+$400
Thursday Breakfast+$300
Thursday Snack Break+$300
Thursday Lunch+$400
Thursday Banquet Reception (2 available)+$400
Thursday Banquet Dinner+$600
Friday Breakfast+$300
Goody Bag**+$300
Coffee Break Sponsor (Thursday and Friday available)***$+400

*Annual meeting-specific sponsorships are open only to platinum-level sponsors and include exclusive, large signage during the duration of the sponsored break and event as well as verbal recognition.

**Goody Bag Sponsor must provide their own bags. Items for goody bags are open to the
community (sponsors, exhibitors, and/or registrants).

*** The coffee break sponsor’s logo will be present at the coffee table for the entire day on a smaller placard.

The VASITE email is distributed to all VASITE members, which includes consultants and vendors that serve the transportation industry as well as local, state, and federal transportation agency representatives and our Social Media posts and Website are visible to member and non-members alike. We encourage you to take this opportunity to advertise through our venue, which reaches a broad transportation audience. Each year your Company Logo, hyperlink, and profile information will be displayed on and your logo will be displayed at the Annual Meeting. We invite you to see how others are benefiting from this opportunity.

To ensure that your branding is displayed prominently on our website, we’ll be asking for the following information from sponsors:

A high quality logo

  1. Preferred: A vector logo file. Typical file formats are EMF, SVG, or AI.
  2. Acceptable: A PDF of the logo in vector format. Many firms have a branding or marketing guide on their intranet with a vector logo. To tell if a logo is in a vector format, zoom in real close to the logo. There shouldn’t be any pixels visible.
  3. If a vector logo is not available, a bitmap file can be used. The preferred file format is PSD or PNG since JPG files often have lower quality. The higher the resolution the better. Ideal resolution is at least 1500 pixel wide.

A list of offices servicing Virginia with the following information. Submit these in the order you would like them to appear on our website.

  1. Office Name (e.g. Richmond, Northern Virginia, Headquarters)
  2. Office Address
  3. Office Telephone Number
  4. (Optionally) Name of point of contact. Typically, an active VASITE member or
    the head of the traffic division.

If at all possible, submit a vector logo. That makes our website load faster and makes sure that your logo is crisp no matter what size it is printed or displayed at. If you don’t know where to find it, reach out to your marketing staff to see if they have one.