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President's Report


I am extremely honored and excited to serve as the VASITE President for 2018.  Since moving to Virginia in 1999, I have been active with this amazing organization.  What an impressive group of professionals… and good people compose this Section of ITE!!

We have a strong board to carry on the traditions of excellence that VASITE has established.  I am privileged to serve with these board members and look to great successes as we progress further into 2018.  A few things I target right off the bat to continue to evolve VASITE:

  • We can continue to learn from the examples of successful activities from other Sections within SDITE – the meeting in Mobile provided an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on how we can grow;
  • We can increase feedback from the entire membership into the programs and events we develop for our meetings – our meeting is coming up soon in June;
  • We can continue to develop regional committees that represent VASITE geographically and push to have events in the sub-regions and/or around the Universities;
  • Our Annual Meeting will be June 27-29. Plan on a great time of learning, camaraderie and fun! Please plan on presenting… we are calling for presenters and would love to see some new faces telling about your exciting projects.
  • We had an amazing Traffic Bowl event this winter… Virginia Teach represented VA at SDITE;
  • We should all look for opportunities to GET INVOLVED!! If you are a student member, how can you maximize the student chapter activities at your school?  If you are a young member, what learning or networking can we integrate to make VASITE better for you?  What activities can Senior Members do to mentor or lead this organization?
  • Please “friend” our Facebook page. Wes Parker has done a great job in developing it and interaction keeps it up to date and relevant.
  • We will prepare for the SDITE meeting in the Crystal City area of Arlington in 2019. Your help is needed… it is a great way to meet other professionals and help the organization… get involved!

Thank you for being a member in the impressive VASITE community.  However you choose to participate, know you are welcome and appreciated.  The board looks forward to a great rest of the year and welcomes your comments on how we can improve to serve you better and your commitment to help make it a success.


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Annual Meeting - Save the Date!

This year's Annual Meeting will be held June 27 - June 29 at the Sheraton Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, VA.  Registration is now open on the VASITE website.  Don't forget to reserve your hotel room!

We hope to see you there!

Activities kick off the evening of Wednesday June 27, with the VASITE Board Meeting and Welcome Reception (open to all registrants). The Technical Conference concludes at noon on Friday June 29.  

The Conference Technical Committee is currently accepting abstracts for presentation during the technical sessions.

The abstract should contain the following information:

  • Name and contact information
  • A professional resume (as separate attachment) including biographical information; title; degrees and education; and licenses and certifications 
  • Proposed presentation title
  • Presentation abstract (200 words or fewer)
  • Presentation subject category (safety, traffic engineering, transportation planning, operations, multimodal, performance management, ITS, other)


Please email the requested information to Ashley Lickliter by May 31. The committee will consider all proposals and respond to all applicants. If presenting is not on your radar, but you would like to volunteer, please consider serving as a moderator.

Ashley Lickliter


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Calendar of Events


Event Date Location
2018 VA Highway Safety Summit May 22-24 Virginia Beach
UVA TTA - Designing for Bicycles & Pedestrians May 22 & May 23 Virginia Beach
City of Richmond - Investing In our Streets: Maximimizing ROI for Economic Development and Health June 5 Richmond
UVA TTA - Advanced Work Zone Traffic Control June 5-6 Roanoke
2018 Annual Meeting June 27-29 Virginia Beach
UVA TTA - Unconventional Intersection & Interchange Design  June 27 Virginia Beach
UVA TTA - Advanced Work Zone Traffic Control July 31 - Aug. 1 Arlington
ITE Annual Meeting August 20-23 Minneapolis
Spring 2019 VASITE Traffic Bowl TBD TBD
2019 Joint SDITE/MCDITE Annual Meeting March 31 - April 3, 2019 Arlington

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CEI Day Recap



For the second year in a row, VASITE was present along with many of our sister engineering societies at the February 2018 Celebrate Engineering Ingenuity Day, organized by the Richmond Joint Engineers Council as a part of the nationwide Engineers Week festivities.

It was exciting to get the attendees (primarily middle schoolers) interested in transportation engineering. The booth - staffed by Chris Daily and Ashley Lickliter - had many traffic control devices (signs, signal head, barrel, cone) on hand, as well as the fun Gridlockbuster online game developed by University of Minnesota that lets players try their hand and controlling coordinated intersections.

CEI Day 2018 #1

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Honoring Jack Herbert

In Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart that I would like to share with the membership a few thoughts on the life of Mr. John "Jack" Overton Herbert III.  Jack passed from this life on November 3, 2017 after a long courageous battle with cancer.  Jack was full of life to the end and left as he lived, with an optimistic outlook on life.

Jack was one of the founding members of VASITE and had been active since the early 1960's in the field.  Some of the earliest days was as a part of the Tidewater Traffic Engineers group that helped to begin VASITE.  Jack founded the JO Herbert company  and has served our profession with distinction for many years.  He has represented companies such as Automatic Signal, Multisonic, US Traffic, Peek and now McCain.  In addition to traffic signal controllers, Jack also sold traffic signal hardware and detection equipment.  In doing so, Jack was more than a point of sales, he strived to be an educator on the use of the equipment and was always an advocate for the customer if anything went wrong.  Jack was  a voice for the profession on many levels as he often had the ear of the Highway Commissioner and was trusted to give sound advice on issues that arose,  Jack also served on the board of the Association of Roadbuilders for approximately  8 years, where he continually advocated for our profession.

Jack was just as passionate about his family as he was our profession.  He just beamed when he talked about his children and grandchildren.  If you would give him the opportunity he would tell you latest about what was going on in their life.  He loved talking about his family more than anything else in life.  Jack was also a long time Golden Hokie and loved going to their football games and would  just as quickly share how they were doing or doing wrong.

Jack was concerned that we make sure to bring in and include the students into our organization.  It was with his urging that the ODU Chapter was recently started.  Please join me in honoring his memory by continuing to recruit and include of students into VASITE.

Jack's obituary can be found here.  

-Robert Lewis, P.E.

City Traffic Engineer, City of Suffolk

VASITE Past President

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Bravo! Bravo!

Dr. Bryan Katz (Virginia Tech/toXcel LLC) - 2018 SDITE Excellence in Transportation Engineering Education Award. (pictured here with the 2018 Virginia Tech Traffic Bowl Team at the 2018 SDITE Annual Meeting in Mobile, AL.)




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SDITE | MDCITE Joint Annual Meeting - Save the Date!

The countdown to the 2019 SDITE/MCDITE Joint Annual Meeting in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia has begun!  Save the date on your calendar now for March 31 - April 3, 2019.  This meeting will be even bigger than usual as it is a joint meeting with the Mid-Colonial Districts of ITE (PA, DE, NJ, MD, DC, and WV).


There are three co-chairs from VASITE:  Christine Potocki, Chris Daily, and Ashley Lickliter.  The three co-chairs, along with John Hendrickson, Chris Tiesler, and Bryan Katz, had great fun announcing the event at the 2018 SDITE Conference in Mobile, AL (see below photo).  As Chris Tiesler memorably put it, "Be thoust there or be thoust square!"


There are many opportunities for VASITE members to volunteer for the committees that help make these Annual Meetings a success.  More information will be sent out to VASITE members in the near future.


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Traffic Geek Humor to Brighten Your Day

As traffic engineers, sometimes you just have to laugh at the interesting traffic situations or traffic control devices out there.  Enjoy!  If you have images you'd like to include in future newsletters, please email to the VASITE Newsletter editor, Marc Lipschultz, at  [Disclaimer: to the author's knowledge, none of these situations were designed by VASITE members.]


(This sign requires some explanation ... VDOT recently held Sign Installers Training for District and Residency sign crews around the state.  In preparation for this training, VDOT ran a contest for the funniest sign out there on the VDOT system.  This was the winner.  The caption:  "No cell phone service in this area".)


This sign was erected in Montgomery County, MD, presumably by an entity other than Salt 'N' Peppa.



(In case anyone is wondering, VDOT did not erect this sign)

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International ITE Announcements

International ITE has started sending periodic reminders to Section newsletter editors regarding updates at the International level.  Below is a summary of recent updates.  The most up-to-date information can always be found at


  1. FHWA issues Interim Approval No. 21 (IA-21) that allows the use of pedestrian-actuated rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFB) at uncontrolled marked crosswalks.  VIRGINIA NOTE: VDOT has requested and received IA-21 approval on behalf of both VDOT and all Virginia localities.  Virginia localities should coordinate with their District Traffic Engineer before proceeding with RRFB installations.

  2. FHWA has reinstated Interim Approval #5 regarding Clearview Font.  VIRGINIA NOTE: VDOT has issued IIM-TE-337.2 explaining VDOT policies regarding Clearview font.
  3. ITE Receives Road to Zero Coalition Safe System Innovation Grant in partnership with the Vision Zero Network
  4. ITE and Streetsmart sign MOU An important part of this is ITE members can sign up for the focus group to test the beta tool by emailing More info. can be found at You will need to login to the ITE Community All Member Forum.
  5. ITE has released a position statement on CV/AV


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