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December 2018 Print

President's Report

Well, we are at the end of 2018.  We had a great Annual Meeting at the end of June and the Section has been active on a variety of activities. Thank you to the board and volunteers that supported the Annual Meeting and of course all those that attended!!  Congratulations to our Young Member Award winner, Daniel Sagan, and our John T. Hanna Distinguished Service Award winner, Gerry Harter!  

We want to continue to learn from the examples of successful activities from other Sections within SDITE:

  • Our students are back in school – please think of opportunities to reach out to our young engineers and planners across Virginia.
  • We are working hard to prepare for the SDITE meeting in Arlington, VA on March 31-April 3, 2019. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED … it is a great way to meet other professionals and help the organization. If interested, please contact Chris Daily, Ashley Lickliter, or Christine Potocki.
  • We should all look for opportunities to GET INVOLVED!! If you are a student member, how can you maximize the student chapter activities at your school?  Please contact me if you’d like a VASITE member to present at you school.  We have professionals across the Commonwealth excited to get involved with your student chapter.
  • If you are a young member, what learning or networking can we integrate into our programs to make VASITE better for you?  There is budget to host a get-together to network and present an exciting project… or just network.
  • We are looking for volunteers to get the regional meeting program reinitiated, so if you are in Hampton Roads, Richmond, NOVA or out west and want to organize a meet and greet… we appreciate your interest and will support your efforts.
  • Thank you to the VASITE members who ably represented VASITE at the Richmond-area joint VASITE/ASHE/WTS social earlier this year.

You should have heard about the transition that is going on in ITE, an internal evaluation and changes regarding Section Affiliates. This is a change that International ITE is making to the organization and is the component of the ITE Strategic Plan.  Specific outreach will commence in December (potentially early 2019).  Three slides were provided by International ITE to introduce the changes coming.  More detailed information is contained here.

As always, a big Thank You to our Sponsors who are critical to keeping VASITE running.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays,



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2019 SDITE | MCDITE Annual Meeting

Located in the Nation’s Capital Region, down the street from Amazon’s recently announced new headquarters, join us for an engaging joint Annual Meeting packed with technical sessions and networking with your Southern District (SDITE) and Mid-Colonial District (MCDITE) colleagues.

We’re excited to announce FHWA Acting Administrator, Brandye Hendrickson, will be kicking off the meeting as the keynote speaker.

Stay tuned for additional announcements soon!

Call For Abstracts

SDITE and MCDITE, in cooperation with the SDITE Technical Knowledge Team, are now accepting abstracts for the 2019 SDITE / MCDITE Joint Annual Meeting! Please download these instructions on submitting abstracts. Abstracts are due by Friday, January 18, 2019.


We’re thrilled to offer a hotel rate at the Crystal Gateway Marriott during the busy Washington DC Cherry Blossom Season that is under the GSA rate. 

Make your reservations now at:

Travel Information

The Crystal Gateway Marriott is located over the Crystal City Metro Station and provides easy access to the Downtown DC and Nation’s Capital landmarks and museums.

For those flying in, the hotel is located just two miles from Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) and can be accessed by the free hotel shuttle or Metro.

For those taking Amtrak, both Washington DC Union Station and Alexandria's King Street Station are located immediately atop Metro stops, making it easy to take Amtrak to the Meeting without need for car rental or taxi.

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One ITE Initiative

As many of you have likely heard, ITE International has recently developed a “ONE ITE” initiative, with one of the impacts to VASITE being a transition regarding Affiliate membership. This is a change that ITE International is making to the entire ITE organization – Districts, Sections, and Chapters. The One ITE initiative came out of their 2016 Strategic Planning effort and is the component of the adopted ITE Strategic Plan (

Over time, ITE has evolved into a loose federation of semi-autonomous entities operating with inconsistent size, boundaries, dues, governance structures, leadership opportunities, member representation, and member involvement. This has impacted the ITE “brand” and what it means to be an ITE member. Until 2016, membership growth and participation were declining, younger professionals were seeking out other associations, and the reputation of our organization was diminished within the profession.

Why is this transition occurring?
Affiliate membership was originally conceived to allow people to participate who were ineligible for ITE membership (non-PEs, planners, etc.). To achieve the goal of a more inclusive ITE organization, these requirements were removed in the constitutional amendments last year. With this, the Affiliate membership level was eliminated by constitutional amendment vote by the ITE membership in 2017.

ITE International has now defined its membership as ALL transportation professionals. ITE’s goal is to allow all members to have the same experience and expectations no matter the Chapter, Section, or District to which they belong. The ITE International Board reflected upon how to structure ITE to be the strongest it could be organizationally for its members. Therefore, the One ITE initiative has chosen to remove the Affiliate membership status for each of its Sections, including Virginia.

As part of this change, VASITE Affiliate members are qualified to become full ITE members and take advantage of the membership benefits!

More detailed information is contained in the link below…

There has been a lot of discussion regarding changes to the ITE organization for the benefit of our transportation industry and there is much more to come. VASITE leadership joined Southern District (SDITE) leaders and ITE International leadership on November 1 to clarify the Affiliate transition plan, discuss a path forward, and discuss impacts to the District-Section-Chapter from these actions.

How does this transition affect you at VASITE?

  • If you are currently a full ITE International member, nothing is going to change for you.
  • If you are a member through an agency (i.e. VDOT) that has a Public Agency membership, nothing is going to change for you.
  • If you are currently a VASITE Affiliate member (not an ITE International member) but have been curious about the benefits of ITE membership, this is a good time to try it out. ITE International is offering the following phased dues for our current Affiliates (if you paid VASITE Affiliate dues in 2017 and 2018):
    • 2019 – pay normal VASITE Affiliate dues ($40) and receive free ITE International membership
    • 2020 – pay 50% of the normal ITE International membership dues
    • 2021 – pay full ITE International dues
  • If you are currently a VASITE Affiliate member and do not wish to become an ITE International member, we still welcome you to participate in ALL VASITE activities. We need you! You will no longer be charged VASITE Affiliate dues; however, there will be a higher cost for you to attend VASITE meetings to offset the lack of dues.

Benefits of ITE membership include access to the ITE Community discussions with practitioners from across the country and world, ITE Podcasts, webinars, and other professional development products at a discount (or free), lower cost Section, District, and International meeting registrations, publication discounts, access to website and tool boxes of emerging topic discussions, access to committee technical briefs (quick bites), mentor/mentee program, LeadershipITE program, and other benefits. Plus, you are eligible to run for a VASITE Board position, we need your leadership and talent!

VASITE remains committed to you, our transportation professionals in Virginia. We welcome feedback from you on areas where we can improve on living up to this mission. If you have questions about this upcoming Affiliate transition, please feel free to reach out to our President John Hendrickson or our Virginia District 5 Representatives Susan Mathai and Chris Tiesler.

Thank you for being an active member of the impressive VASITE community and the larger ITE International organization. However you choose to participate, know you are welcome and appreciated!

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Calendar of Events


Event Date Location
TRB Annual Meeting Jan. 13-17, 2019 Washington, DC
Celebrate Engineering Ingenuity Day (Richmond Joint Engineering Council)

Feb. 17, 2019


Richmond, VA

Science Museum of Virginia

Spring 2019 VASITE Traffic Bowl TBD TBD (likely Charlottesville)
2019 Joint SDITE/MCDITE Annual Meeting March 31 - April 3, 2019 Arlington, VA
2019 VASITE Annual Meeting June 26 - 28, 2019 Virginia Beach (Sheraton Oceanfront)
ITE International Annual Meeting July 21-24, 2019 Austin, TX
2020 VASITE Annual Meeting June 10-12, 2020 Virginia Beach Oceanfront Marriott**

**Note the venue change starting in 2020!

NOTE: Please also visit UVA's Transportation Training Academy (TTA) website for information on upcoming training opportunities.



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In Memoriam - John Hanna

In Memoriam - John T. Hanna, P.E.


     We lost a true legend in the transportation profession when John Hanna peacefully passed away earlier this month at the age of 95.  He was the widower of Lucille Howell Hanna.  His accomplishments in the transportation industry spanned over 50 years.

     John was born and raised in Richmond, then served in the Navy in the South Pacific during WWII.  He earned his electrical engineering degree from Virginia Tech, and his graduate degree from the Bureau Of Highway Traffic at Yale University.  This was the only transportation graduate program at the time; Wilbur Smith was one of his instructors.

     John started his career as a public servant in 1948 working for the City of Richmond.  For the next 20 years he progressed through the positions of Traffic Engineer (Richmond's first), Assistant Director of Public Safety and Assistant City Manager.  To increase traffic efficiency and safety, he implemented the downtown one-way street system, the majority of which is still in effect. The safety improvements  of this plan have been well documented, and to this day the public continues to enjoy these benefits.  In 1953 he was recognized by Life Magazine for significantly reducing traffic crashes in the City of Richmond.

     In 1968 John was appointed Director of the newly created Virginia Highway Safety Division where he served for 21 years.  He quickly received national recognition for his creative work in Virginia.  One program involved each year contracting with professional traffic safety experts to work with all the towns and cities in Virginia that did not have in house traffic engineering expertise.  He later served as an Adjunct Professor, then Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

     John joined the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) in 1948.  At the 1952 ITE Annual Meeting in Chicago, John (along with Paul Ristroph, Earl Reeder, and Karl Bevins) came up with a plan to develop a Southern Section.  The next year John and 11 other ITE members charted the section which now is the Southern District (SDITE).  John served as the president in 1965-66.

     John also was instrumental in founding the first Virginia section of ITE.  The genesis for the idea came from John and Virginia Highway Department engineers Ken Wilkinson, Bill Gordon and Les Dawson who would meet for lunch each month in downtown Richmond to discuss transportation issues. Along with Fenton G. Jordan, the Virginia Division of the Southern Section of ITE  (now VASITE) was chartered in 1959. John remained active in VASITE through the years, attending annual meetings in Virginia Beach well into his 90s, until his health prevented him.

     Notable awards and achievements John received include:

  - VASITE John Hanna Distinguished Service Award  (Because of the great contributions that John has made to this organization, in 2009 VASITE renamed this Award in his honor.)

  - Director of the Virginia Safety Association

  - President of the Virginia Society of Safety Engineers

  - Chairman Richmond City Council Highway Safety Commission

  - Commonwealth of Virginia Professional Engineer Emeritus

     The Virginia Museum of Transportation, located in Roanoke, has a room dedicated to John called The Hanna Transportation Safety Room.  The Museum states the room is "named for Virginia's father of transportation, John T. Hanna."  We all will miss him.


Submitted by

Thomas E. Flynn, PE, PTOE



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Welcome to Incoming VASITE Board

Please welcome (offer condolences to?) your incoming 2019 VASITE Board!

Ashley Lickliter, P.E.
Kimley-Horn and Associates

Vice President
Wes Parker, P.E., PTOE
Clark Nexsen

Christine Potocki, P.E., PTOE, LEED AP BD+C
VHB, Inc.

Whitney Duffy, P.E., PTOE, LEED AP BD+C 
Clark Nexsen

District 5 Representative
Susan Mathai, P.E., PTOE
WSP, Inc.

District 5 Representative
Valerie Henchel, P.E.
City of Virginia Beach

Director (ITE)
Brian Revels, P.E.

Director (ITE)
Robert Cochrane, P.E.
VDOT Richmond District

Director (AFF)
Daniel Sagan
Control Technologies, Inc.

Past President
John Hendrickson, AICP
WSP, Inc.

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Student Chapter Update - UVA

(Photo from UVA Today article)

In July 2018, A team of four students from UVA, including three ITE student chapter members (including executive officers of the ITE student chapter), won first place in VDOT's SmarterRoads Hackathon.

In the two day event, the Team presented issues with the current navigation apps, which usually provide a fast route (which includes tolls) and a much slower route (which usually doesn’t), but nothing in between. The UVA team developed an app which is different from others in that it allows users to generate routes based on alternative factors that they can assign importance to, such as cost, safety and exercise level. The app takes into consideration the cost of tolls, parking garages and public transportation, including bike-share services.

The team also earned the "Idea Jam: Resiliency" award.  Here is a link to the UVA Today article on them.

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Annual Meeting Recap

VASITE concluded yet another incredibly successful Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach from June 27-29, 2018. The technical sessions were exciting and informative.

The opening address was given by Mark Johnson, Virginia Beach Director of Public Works.  The keynote speaker was Adam Leigh with PSS Innovations for Safety, who spoke about how his time as an officer with the Virginia State Police has given him a unique perspective on traffic safety.  Adam shared some truly shocking stories that should encourage all of us to pay attention, travel safely, and turn those phones off or put them in airplane mode while driving.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Beach in 2019!



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"Where in Virginia" Contest


The past few newsletters have featured a "traffic geek humor to brighten your day" section, featuring amusing photos, funny photoshopped signs, etc.

This newsletter I thought I'd try something new.  Below is a snapshot of an interesting Virginia location.  First person to email me ([email protected]) with the correct location will win a shout-out in the next newsletter!  Please also email me if you have ideas for interesting locations to include in the next edition.

(This is somewhat similar to the "where in the world" contest that is featured every month in the ITE Journal.)

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