Becoming a member of VASITE is your first stop toward a unique professional growth opportunity in the transportation engineering field. With over 400 members from every type of engineering related background, VASITE members are employed by federal, state, and local governments as well a by private enterprises. College students are an important asset, too.

VASITE Member's Area

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VASITE members may access our Member's Area for voting and viewing member data. VASITE Member's Area

Membership Benefits

  • Meeting people interested and involved with professional and technical aspects of transportation engineering.
  • Active participation in committees provides professional development.
  • Opportunities for training courses, seminars, field trips, and scholarships.
  • Receive newsletters with current information about VASITE and other transportation engineering events and a membership directory for valuable contacts.
  • Attend the Annual VASITE Conference and seasonal meetings.
  • Cultivate career development opportunities and be represented in state and local matters.

Membership Qualifications

There are three categories of membership available. Membership for qualified individuals is determined by the VASITE Secretary-Treasurer.

Member - Any member of ITE is eligible to become a member of VASITE.

Affiliate Member - Begining in 2019, VASITE affiliate membership is no longer available. Please see below for the 2019 ONE ITE Changes and how they affect you.

Honorary Members - Honorary membership may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary service to the Section and who has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of transportation engineering. Unanimous consent of the Executive Board is required before Honorary Membership can be conferred.

Becoming a member of VASITE is both quick and easy. Membership applications are available on-line at the link below.

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2019 ONE ITE Changes

The following changes have been implemented to VASITE membership starting in 2019

As many of you have likely heard, ITE International has recently developed a “ONE ITE” initiative, with one of the impacts to VASITE being a transition regarding Affiliate membership. This is a change that ITE International is making to the entire ITE organization – Districts, Sections, and Chapters. The One ITE initiative came out of their 2016 Strategic Planning effort and is the component of the adopted ITE Strategic Plan (

As part of this change, VASITE Affiliate members are qualified to become full ITE members and take advantage of the membership benefits!

How does this transition affect you at VASITE?

  • If you are currently a full ITE International member, nothing is going to change for you.
  • If you are currently a VASITE Affiliate member (not an ITE International member) but have been curious about the benefits of ITE membership, this is a good time to try it out. ITE International is offering the following phased dues for our current Affiliates (if you paid VASITE Affiliate dues in 2017 and 2018):
    • 2019 – pay normal VASITE Affiliate dues ($40) and receive free ITE International membership
    • 2020 – pay 50% of the normal ITE International membership dues
    • 2021 – pay full ITE International dues
  • If you are currently a VASITE Affiliate member and do not wish to become an ITE International member, we still welcome you to participate in ALL VASITE activities. We need you! You will no longer be charged VASITE Affiliate dues; however, there will be a higher cost for you to attend VASITE meetings to offset the lack of dues.
  • If you are in Northern Virginia, you may be paying dues to the Washington, D.C. Section of ITE. In order to ensure you are paying dues to VASITE, contact ITE at [email protected] to set your section to Virginia.