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VASITE Student Scholarships

An educational scholarship for advancement through continued engineering studies is made available annually by the Virginia Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. This scholarship, awarded in October of each year, is known as the "Kenneth M. Wilkinson Scholarship".

This scholarship is offered by the Virginia Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers to promote the advancement of the transportation profession through development of educational assistance to student engineers. Scholarship funds may be applied only to tuition and other related expenses, directly administered by the college or university, while “continuing” formal undergraduate or graduate engineering education at an accredited educational institution in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The current stipend for the "Continued Engineering Studies Scholarship" shall not exceed a grand total of $4,500.00. In October of each year, we will award up to three (3) $1,500 scholarships. Each $1,500 scholarship will be given to a selected recipient from each official ITE Student Chapter within the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Virginia Tech;
University of Virginia; and
Old Dominion University.

  1. Eligibility:
    1. A scholarship candidate must be enrolled in an undergraduate accredited civil or transportation engineering program within the Commonwealth of Virginia; or be a graduate of an accredited engineering program and currently enrolled in a master’s degree or Ph.D. program in civil or transportation engineering within the Commonwealth of Virginia for the year following nomination.
    2. The scholarship candidate must be a Student Member of the Virginia Section of ITE in good standing (membership application may be submitted with scholarship application). The engineering applicant should demonstrate a strong commitment to the discipline of transportation engineering.
  2. Application:
    1. Applications are to be faxed or sent via e-mail to VASITE’s current Scholarship Committee Chair, President or to the Immediate Past President as soon as possible. See our Board of Directors for current officers.
    2. Applications must include:
      1. A statement by the applicant of the reasons believed to justify the award to him or her, specifically including commitment to the profession of transportation engineering, as well as plans for continuing formal education; and
      2. A verification statement signed by the applicant’s Student Faculty Advisor, other member of the educational institution’s faculty where the student is enrolled, or any affiliate or associate member (or higher grade) of VASITE in good standing.
    3. Applications may include a transcript of grades, but an official transcript is not required.
  3. Selection and Award:
    Selection of the scholarship recipient(s) shall be based on an appraisal of the applicant’s justification for award, educational plans, potential for development within the transportation profession, leadership capacity, and demonstrated civic responsibility.

    1. The VASITE Scholarship Committee will review all applications for the “Continued Engineering Studies Scholarship”.
    2. VASITE’s Scholarship Committee may recommend more than one recipient, or may recommend that no award be made in a particular year, if no meritorious applications are received.
    3. The total sum for awards available shall not exceed $1,500 per recipient.
    4. The President of VASITE will notify recipients of their selection in late September or early October of the award year. Award funds will be deposited to the recipient’s account with the business office of the educational institution designated by the recipient in his or her application.
    5. The Scholarship Committee may give consideration to the applicant’s status as a member of the immediate family of a member or an affiliate member of VASITE in good standing.
  4. Program Amendment:
    This program may be amended from time to time by the VASITE Executive

VASITE Student Scholarship Form

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