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2016 VASITE Annual Meeting Presentations

2016 VASITE Annual Meeting Agenda, June 29-July 1, 2016


  1. Crossing the Hampton Roads - Perspectives from Norfolk; Brian Fowler, City of Norfolk
  2. Planning, Design, and Research - The Road to the LED Roadway Lighting Specification; Randy Boice, JMT
  3. N Sycamore Street Complete Streets Design - Protected Intersection Design; Chris Tiesler, Kittelson
  4. Highway Safety Manual Crasy Analysis on the I-66 Corridor Improvements Project (Outside the Beltway); Tim White and Brooke Jackson, Kimley-Horn
  5. Looking into Virginia's Work Zone Safety 2010-2014; David Rush, VDOT TED and Young-Jun Kweon, VTRC
  6. Pedestrian Crashes in Virginia - Assessment to Action; Mark Cole, VDOT TED and Tim White, Kimley-Horn
  7. Timing and Phasing for Tight-Urban Diamond Interchanges; Stuart Samberg, RKK
  8. Statewide Signal Phasing Guidance; Ritchie Robbins, VDOT and Chris Daily, VHB
  9. The Future of Transportation: Connected and Automated Vehicles; Dean Gustafson, VDOT Operations Division
  10. Data and Information at VDOT: "Where Are We and Where Are We Going?"; Mena Lockwood, VDOT TED and Scott Perley, ITERIS
  11. Mesoscopic Modeling with DTALite; A Case Study (MDSHA); Gustavo Ceballos and Nanditha Paradkar, CH2M
  12. A Benefit-Cost Analysis Tool for Assessing Guardrail Needs for Two-Lane Rural Roads in Virginia; Justice Appiah, VTRC
  13. Virginia's SMART SCALE Prioritization Process - Implementing HB2; Chad Tucker, VDOT TMPD

Guest Speakers:

  1. State of Transportation in Hampton Roads; Camelia Ravanbakht; Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization
  2. Economic Vitality and Quality of Life - Unlocking Hampton Roads; Kevin Page, Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission

Banquet Speaker:

  1. Transportation in Virginia: SMART SCALE, P3s, and State of Good Repair; Aubrey Layne, Secretary of Transportation