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2014 VASITE Annual Meeting Presentations copy

2014 VASITE Annual Meeting Agenda, June 25-27, 2014 


  1. A detailed evaluation framework and methodology to evaluate regionally significant projects and their impact on congestion; Kanti Srikanth, VDOT
  2. Planning for Active Traffic Management; Brian Fowler, P.E., City of Norfolk
  3. Congestion Identification and Bottleneck Prediction; Ram Jagannathan, P.E., Leidos – Co-Presenters – Hesham Rakha (VTTI), Joe Bared (FHWA), and Neil Spiller (FHWA)
  4. Implementing Safety Performance Functions in Virginia; In-Kyu Lim, Ph.D., P.E., VDOT and Young-JunKweon Ph.D., P.E., VCTIR, and Tracy Turpin, P.E., VDOT
  5. Application of AASHTO Highway Safety Manual and HSIP Benefit/Cost to Hampton Roads; Robert B. Case, Ph.D., P.E., Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization
  6. Route 7 Widening, Alternative Intersection Evaluation and Implementation; Randy Boice, P.E., JMT Traffic and ITS
  7. Computation and Visualization of Historic Congestion Trends on Virginia Interstates during Major Holiday Travel Periods; Sanhita Lahiri, P.E., PTOE, VDOT, and Simona Babiceanu, Center for Transportation Studies, UVa.
  8. Incidents, Work Zones and Weather Events: Measuring Their Impacts on Virginia Freeways to Improve Operations; Simona Babiceanu, Center for Transportation Studies, UVA and Ramkumar Venkatanarayana, Ph.D., VCTIR
  9. Collecting Vehicle Trajectory Information by Smartphones when GPS Signal is Lost; Dr. Mecit Cetin, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ODU and Dr. Tamer Nadeem, Department of Computer Science ODU
  10. ODOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Implementation Plan; Casey Bergh, P.E., Kittelson & Associates
  11. VDOT Standards and Specifications Updates; Marc Lipschultz, P.E., PTOE, VDOT

Roundtable Discussion on Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

  1. Ken King, P.E., VDOT 
  2. Carl Anderson, FHWA 
  3. Cathy McGhee P.E., Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research 
  4. Melissa Lance PMP, VDOT 
  5. Camelia Ravanbakht PhD., Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization